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Our mission

The mission of the Foundation is to create a support system for persons with autism and related disorders, and for those persons’ families.

The support should be given at many different levels. It entails creating conditions for the finest possible personal growth, based on each individual’s potential; enabling selffulfilment and the maximum possible degree of independence; helping in social and professional inclusion, and allowing them to gain the sense of self-esteem and well-being.
The Foundation aims to create a system of support for adults with autism with extremely varied levels of functioning – some of these persons also have severe learning disability; some are visually, aurally or tacitly oversensitive or undersensitive; they may have problems with mobility, speaking and understanding spoken language, as well as with expressing their needs, emotions, and intentions; while some have had traumatic experiences connected with educational difficulties, hospitalisation, and rejection by peers and society. For this reason, the Foundation’s work is multipath, trying to offer assistance to all families, regardless of the kind and degree of autism-related problems.