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In the coming years, we are hoping to purchase the equipment for the central kitchen, which is otherwise prepared and occupies a dedicated space in the Second Home’s ground floor. Launching the kitchen would let us prepare meals for residents and day participants independently, using the products of our organic farm – rather than employing external catering services. This would be beneficial for several reasons. It would enable us to prepare healthy, home-cooked, organic meals, at a lower cost. At the same time, kitchen work as well as processing of fruit and vegetables from the farm would provide another useful and satisfying occupation for persons with autism.
We would like to add medical services to the range of support we offer. Persons with autism and their families often face barriers in the access to health service, not merely organisational and administrative ones, but also, such as result from social and communication problems characteristic for autism.
We are dreaming of constructing a building for animals, as animal husbandry is indispensable for running a balanced organic farm. Presence of animals is extremely important also for therapeutic reasons – we had a chance to observe the confirmed
benefits of the so-called animal therapy during our visits abroad.
Finally, we wish to start building the third house for candidate residents. The waiting list is long and we realise that we cannot meet all of the existing needs in the region – however, we would like to use the potential that we have. We have not yet exhausted all the possibilities – in addition to the two homes already built at the Life Farm, there is room for three more.
Please help us to make these dreams come true!
We are most grateful for all your donations, and for all your help – either financial or in kind. We always strive to make the best possible use of the help we receive – by investing in the development, and striving for the highest possible degree of independence for persons with autism, for whom the Life Farm is a chance to pursue their personal growth, as well as a useful and satisfying occupation. You can now make your own contribution to this beautiful place, which is truly indispensable for persons with autism.